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The Eyes of the Unicorn Book

The Eyes of the Unicorn Book
Grade 3–5—"Few men will dare to look into a unicorn's eyes." Sung by a visiting minstrel, these words only fire the hunting enthusiasm of the Duke's nobles in this opulent romance. In keeping with old stories of the fabled beast, the unicorn befriends Tanisa, a kind serving girl, and lays his head in her lap as she dozes in a meadow. She's then wounded in trying to shield him from the flying arrow shot by the Duke's son, her former childhood playmate. Now nearly grown, Chris is bent on killing the creature both for the wealth its carcass will bring and to gain his father's approval. Stunned that he has wounded Tanisa, he looks into the unicorn's eyes. Of course, his hardened heart is softened and her wound is healed by the unicorn's touch. Promising to rule with wisdom when he comes into adulthood, Chris sends the girl and the unicorn off into hiding to await a safer time. Lavish scenes rendered in Photoshop blend photographs of the humans and their horses and dogs with painted landscapes and unicorns. Darkened views shot with golden lighting, lengthened images, and occasional blurred focus lend a dramatic, surreal tone to the rather hackneyed scenario. The vigorous, cinematic views and the hint of future love fit a traditional fairy-tale niche.—Margaret Bush, Simmons College, Boston
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