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Cloisonne Unicorn in Circle Jewelry Set

Cloisonne Unicorn in Circle Jewelry Set
Beautiful detailed unicorn surrounded by a circle with flowers on it in your choice of either black, Teal, Lavender, Red, White or Royal Blue. Circle measures 1inch in diameter and hangs from an 18 inch triangle link serpentine chain with spring ring clasp. Earrings are hanging from fish hook wires and have an overall length of 2.25 inches from top of hook to bottom of circle.

Cloisonne originated in Central Asia during the 13th century. Since the 1970s, Japan and Taiwan have been the leading countries in creating the fine quality cloisonne by combining new technology and modern art for both pressed and handmade pieces. The intricate technique begins by creating "cloisons" or cells. Ground enamel powder is moistened with water and hand-laid into the "cloisons" by a fine brush. The process of filling is repeated, layer upon layer, for each color to achieve the unique depth and shading. Finally, the piece is fired and ground to a smooth finish, polished, and 22 karat gold or silver plated.
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Red Cloisonne Circle Unicorn Jewelry Set
White Cloisonne Circle Unicorn Jewelry Set

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