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A Unicorn Is Born

A Unicorn Is Born
Beautifully illustrated by Kathrin Ayer. Great gift for the mom to be. Ursula, a pregnant unicorn, prepares to grace the forest with the birth of another member of her rare, wondrous species. As nature's caretaker, Ursula is already an expert herbalist, magician, alchemist, astrologer, and psychic. Now, awaiting her first colt, she has an opportunity to embrace both the practical and mystical aspects of motherhood. Ursula's regal intelligence balanced by earthy warmth reveals her to be the quintessential mother and a generous teacher, as she divulges secrets not only about the universality of motherhood but also of confidential, ancient unicorn lore. Suitable for ages 15 and over. Includes 2 pages of Unicorn Stickers. Was $14.95, Now $10.95
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